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Vaso Festone

Vaso in fusione di ghisa con finitura naturale, decorato con un festone con la testa della Gorgone Medusa, un simbolo che, dall’Antica Grecia all’Età Romana, era usato come figura centrale nei fregi dei frontoni o dei timpani dei templi e delle case con la funzione di scacciare il maligno.

18.00 €
280.00 €

Big grooved jar

Bigluminium alloy jar with korten color finish. Its simple silhouette lightens the austerity given by the size. Suitable to be left empty to give magnificence to an entrance hall or a corner of your home, but also wonderful if enriched by a majestic Ficus or any other indoor plant, or by a beautiful bergamot or whatever plant too, to perfume a romantic terrace or veranda.

35.00 €
140.00 €

Basin pot

Small iron pot with rust finish. Robust and stable, it has elegant decorations with austere but simple grooved motifs in relief. Handcrafted finish who also has part in natural rust such as to make the item a unique piece.

18.00 €
200.00 €

Gorgon jar

Cast iron jar with natural finish, decorated with a festoon with the head of the Gorgon Medusa, a symbol who, starting from Ancient Greece up to Roman Age, was used as central figure in the friezes of the pediments or the tympanums of the temples and houses in order to drive away evil.

18.00 €
280.00 €

"Vetrofuso" plates

Decorative plates made of molten Murano glass with hand-painted liquid gold digits.

Dishwasher safe.

Costumizable both with gold letters or brass charms, and achievable in various colors. In this case, you can send an email indicating size, color and letters or charms you wish.

5.00 €
90.00 €


Metal flower pot with antiqued zinc effect patina adorned with two ring handles. The large cup allows to contain different types of flowers or plants.

Also suitable as a champagne bucket.

25.00 €
80.00 €

Crab pocket emptier

Crab-shaped valet tray in reclaimed wood. Also suitable as a storage for your coffee-table or as a centerpiece to complete a refined and sophisticated equipment, perhaps for a fish-based dinner, placing candles or other decorations.

10.00 €
45.00 €

Spool of twine

Wooden spool of twine with scissors. Food twine, therefore also suitable for keeping in the kitchen to decorate shelves, tops and display cases.

10.00 €
50.00 €

Indigenous figurine

Ancient indigenous figurine depicting a silhouette performing a tribal dance choreography. Two candle holder are placed on the hands. Thin and light silhouette, suitable to decorate centerpieces or to be positioned as an ornament.

Unique piece.

15.00 €
110.00 €